The path to equity.

The BrandLab Today & Going Forward

Our purpose is simple:

See more people of color within the advertising/marketing industry.

The magic number:
40% by 2045*

* The US will become ‘minority white’ in 2045 Census projects

But we've got a long way to go:
10% in 2018*

* The BrandLab 2018 State of the Industry Report

Why is this number magic? It parallels the projections that white Americans will account for less than 50% of the U.S. population around early mid-century, ushering in a new majority/minority era.

So how are we going to accelerate change?

We ask you to lock arms with us and invest in a more diverse marketing workforce.


The nation is changing. But is our profession keeping pace?

The U.S. population shows growing racial diversity with a tipping point arriving in 2045.

Projections show that white Americans will account for 49.7% of the population by this year with people of color and mixed race accounting for a new majority.

As demographics shift, so does the consumer landscape. In fact, multicultural audiences currently account for

$4.8 trillion in purchasing power.*

* Bureau of Economic Analysis, Current Population Survey, Collage Group Network Analysis. Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) microdata 2006 & 2016

But the percentage of diverse talent is only inching forward.

Doing great work — tomorrow and especially today — isn’t limited to knowing our client’s brands…it’s inclusive of knowing and reflecting the landscape of the U.S.

The future of our industry demands change right now.

Diverse workplaces challenge the status quo.

They think more critically. Focus more on the facts. And spur innovation.*

* Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

When we invest in diversity, we ensure a healthier industry for all.

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We know change isn’t easy

But together we can understand these main friction points:

There are three main growing pains that we must all understand and address.

Diversity often creates discomfort.

The term “cultural fit” is a relic of an outdated era. Diversity thrives when we create a curious and vulnerable culture. This means opening yourself up to new approaches, ideas and solutions. When we understand the trappings of a mono-culture, we make strides in new and exciting directions.

Diversity requires innovative and inclusive practices.

What has worked in the past doesn’t necessarily work today. This means taking time to understand what helps individuals thrive and creating conditions to foster their growth.

Diversity is a long-term investment.

It’s often very hard to quantify the short-term benefits of diversity on your business. But the gains will take hold — stay the course and you’ll reap the rewards.

Let’s create lasting change together.

It’s our business to support your business in fostering diversity and inclusion.

Whether you're currently supporting The BrandLab or are hearing about us for this first time, join us in creating an action plan focused around your goals and discover how we can support you.

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