From Our Leadership

Ellen Walthour

Ellen Walthour

Executive Director

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Alfredo Martel

Alfredo Martel

Board Chair

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Dear Friends,


Now more than ever, your support makes a real difference…

Thanks to you and all of our remarkable partners, today The BrandLab is at a tipping point. Year after year we have been exposing young diverse talent to the idea of a creative career and now some of those earlier classes of interns are close to graduating college ready to take the industry by storm.

This past year has once again been a banner one, as you have donated more of your time, talent and treasure than any year past. Today The BrandLab serves 700 students annually in our Classroom Program, offers 75 internships to talented youth, has over 90 one to one mentor matches and has provided over 1000 marketing professionals safe space to have Fearless conversations.

We are deeply proud of the progress we share today, but it is essential that we come together to reach our shared vision with increased urgency. Recent social & cultural events have shown us that honest, authentic & balanced communication is essential.

We are committed to seeing The BrandLab’s vision through and are proud to announce that our local movement has gotten noticed. We plan to launch The BrandLab Kansas City in the spring of 2018. None of this progress is possible without you.

We are honored to share this year’s annual report with you, celebrate our success, and inspire you to continue to work towards our shared goals for the future. Our annual report will provide a clear and accurate picture of how your investment is going to meet our four key objectives:

  1. Build awareness of marketing as a viable, exciting and impactful career.
  2. Develop work readiness through skill building programs that increase student’s career potential.
  3. Provide a bridge for our alumni from the classroom to career.
  4. Partner with and support employers in hiring, retaining and valuing people of diverse, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds at every level of employment.

Thank you for trusting us with your donations and as we move forward, together, know that our shared vision of an industry that thrives on the insights and creativity of people with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds is at the forefront of every decision we make.

To all of you, we extend our deepest thanks!